Wattle League Foundation

Fundraising and philanthropic arm of Open Minds

The Wattle League Foundation is the fundraising and philanthropic arm of Open Minds, working to enhance mental health and wellbeing for all Australians.

The first Wattle League Foundation project is to establish Wattle House – transitional supported accommodation for returned ADF personnel. Wattle House will provide access to a comprehensive therapeutic and peer support program that includes both group activities and individual support. Case management will facilitate linkages to specific in-house and external programs. Once established, Wattle House will bridge what is now widely recognised as the missing link in the recovery of returned ex service members dealing with the psychological impacts of their service, beyond hospitalisation, medication and day programmes. 

Our Mission:

To enhance mental health and wellbeing for every Australian through the funds raised.

Our Purpose:

To raise operational and project funds to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of Australians.


Our Vision

To establish the Wattle League Foundation as one of the most respected, recognised and trusted fundraising vehicles in Australia.

For over 100 years, Open Minds (previously the Queensland Wattle League) has been providing community-based support services for individuals living with mental ill health, disability and acquired brain injury.

Our history

In 1912, we started our journey as the Queensland Wattle Day League. Back then our aim was to raise funds to provide arts scholarships - recipients included sculptor Daphne Mayo who used the scholarship to study in London and Robert Percy Cummings who later became Professor of Architecture at the University of Queensland.

During and after the First World War, our focus changed, funds were used to support returned servicemen and their families - with the support of the community, we were even able to fully fund an orthopaedic ward at Rosemount Hospital.

In the fifties, we ran a sheltered workshop that provided work and rehabilitation for disabled people, for 30 years the workshop remained the focus of our attention. During this time, we also played a key role in the creation of the Queensland Council of Social Service. Over time, we found ourselves becoming more focussed on supporting people with mental health difficulties and supporting individuals to live independently and well within their community of choice.


Fundraising has always been vitally important - everything we have done has been made possible by the generosity of our partners and supporters. In 2015, the Wattle League Foundation was launched to focus our fundraising efforts and endeavours. The Foundation's first goal is to raise funds to build and establish Wattle House that once complete will provide supported transitional accommodation and support to veterans who find themselves homeless or at risk of homelessness as a result of mental health illness. The Foundation's first project is meaningful step forward for our organisation and marks the continuation of our long tradition of offering rehabilitation and support to Australian veterans.