News • 06 Nov 2018

Living with an acquired brain injury

Living with an acquired brain injury

Open Minds worked to improve the life of a client with complex care needs through positive behaviour support

After an accident, Jamie* acquired a brain injury before the age of 25.

When the Open Minds team began working with Jamie, they took the time to get to know him and understand his behaviours. Because of significant difficulties with communication, many of his negative behaviours occurred as a result of the frustrations that come with being misunderstood. The team were committed to working with Jamie on how to best communicate.  

The Team connected Jamie with a new psychiatrist, and support around his diagnosis and medication led to a reduction in harmful behaviours.

Jamie has been supported to make positive life choices including building new garden beds and vegetable patches, building a pen for his chickens, and decorating his house. Jamie has recently started to verbalise new words, and the Open Minds team have engaged a speech pathologist and exercise physiologist to work with us to continue his great progress.

Sarah Lysaught, Complex Support Specialist, said: "We are overjoyed with Jamie's successes, and we will continue to support him on reaching his new goals of improving his literacy skills and learning to use a computer again so that he can take on some study."

*Name changed to protect the identity of the Client