Disability Royal Commission

Open Minds welcomes the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (DRC) and recognises it gives a voice to people with a disability (including people living with mental illness or a psychosocial disability) about their experience of poor practice, and how services and supports can be improved.  


Open Minds is supportive of clients, past and present, who wish to make a submission to the DRC. We intend to support clients who wish to make a submission and will make available advocacy support, external to Open Minds, for people who want support with this process. 


Open Minds supports the DRC and is committed to cooperating with the Commissioners in a fully open and transparent way. 

Open Minds response to the DRC 

We acknowledge the seriousness of the DRC and its importance for making life better for people with disability, so we have committed to: 

  • ensure our clients, their families and carers, and Open Minds employees are well informed about the DRC and appropriately supported to engage with the DRC. 
  • allocating dedicated resources to coordinate any involvement, in line with our values, to the DRC; 
  • engage openly, honestly and transparently with the DRC; 
  • listen and learn from the DRC and use opportunities to better improve the quality and safety of our services; and 
  • respond with humility and empathy to any allegation brought to the DRC involving Open Minds.  


The DRC has put in place a number of counselling services for people with disability, their families and carers.

Open Minds is committed to providing support to our clients, their families and our employees if requested. We have developed a feedback procedure and our employees have access to Employee Assistance Program services.

We are committed to keeping you updated in a timely way about how we are engaging with the DRC. If you are interested in following the work of the DRC itself, please view their website.

Any questions?

Further information is available

Disability Royal Commission Website