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Compliments, Suggestions or Complaints

Open Minds welcomes your feedback.

Download the below form to provide us with compliments, suggestions or complaints.

Feedback Brochure Feedback Brochure (1059 KB)

If you have a suggestion, would like to compliment a staffmember or make a complaint, we would like to hear from you.

Providing us with your name and contact details will enable us to provide a more specific response to any concerns you raise and ensures we update you on the outcome of your feedback if needed. You do not have to fill in these details if you would prefer to be anonymous, however it may limit the response we can provide. We aim to resolve most complaints and provide a written outcome to you within 28 days, or earlier if possible.

Open Minds welcomes suggestions, compliments and complaints from service users, families and carers and our stakeholders. We use feedback to identify what we are doing well and where we can improve our services.

Compliments will be shared with relevant staff and their managers. Other suggestions and feedback will be used to improve service delivery in the relevant forum.

All complaints will be respected, taken seriously, investigated and acted upon where needed. If requested, you will be informed of any action taken or decisions made. If you make a complaint, you can be assured you will not be discriminated against or disadvantaged in any way by Open Minds or its staff.

You can provide feedback by:

  1. filling out the form or attaching a letter and returning it to:
    - the locked drop-box in your Open Minds Hub / residential facility
    - mail to ‘The Open Minds Feedback Officer’, PO Box 8142, Woolloongabba QLD 4102
    - email
  2. submitting an online form at
  3. calling us on (07) 3896 4222 and asking to speak to our Feedback Officer