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Workplace Giving Program

Workplace giving is a great way to donate to Open Mind’s Wattle League Foundation, directly from your pre-tax pay.

By signing up to support via the workplace giving program, you'll be helping the Foundation establish our first project, Wattle House, supporting Australian veterans experiencing mental ill health as a direct result of their service. 

It doesn't take much to make a difference.  For the price of a cup of coffee you WILL make a difference! Find out how to get started below, and read on to understand how your support will make a real difference to the lives of our Australian ADF veterans experiencing mental ill health.

“We all have stories to tell about the difficulties we experienced upon our return. Some of us were hospitalised, some of us struggled through on our own. We were all asked what a non-acute facility should provide – we all agreed it should look and feel nothing like a hospital. We all stressed long term ‘recovery’ as the focus for Wattle House. We don’t want to go anywhere that doesn’t fix us – we need to set goals and recovery targets. Most of us are young and have our lives ahead of us. When we are well we have a lot to give back to our country, our community and our loved ones. We are proud to serve our country if we had our time over again we would do it all the same.”

Tom Williams
Sapper, Australian Defence Force (retired)

How do I sign up to workplace giving?

Workplace giving is the most efficient and effective way you can donate to the Wattle League Foundation.

It’s so easy to get involved, and this method allows you to give more for less via pre-tax giving.  With 100% of your donation going directly to the program, you know your contribution will make a real difference to the lives of Australian ADF veterans.

Here’s how you get involved, in three easy steps!

Step 1

Download the instruction sheet and register for pre-tax giving directly via your profile on Aurion. Or complete the Open Minds Workplace Giving form and email to

Step 2

Nominate your fortnightly donation amount. Donating via workplace giving provides an immediate tax benefit directly to you by reducing your taxable income, and it’s all recorded on your pay slip and again on your Payment Summary at the end of the Financial Year, so no need to keep receipts!

Step 3

Let us keep in touch. We’ll keep you informed about how your giving is helping and progress on the establishment of Wattle House. Keep an eye out for our regular e-news updates and join us on Facebook.

Our plans for Wattle House

For some time now, Open Minds staff have been working collaboratively with specialists and experts from various fields to co-design a facility and service model for Wattle House.  The program will be offered specifically to support Australian Defence Force (current and former) veterans suffering mental ill health as a consequence of their service.

Wattle House will:

  • be a purpose-built model/facility supporting ADF veterans in need
  • be a non-acute facility (not a hospital)
  • be independently operated by Open Minds
  • provide supported transitional accommodation
  • be aimed at veterans who find themselves displaced, homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • provide clinical and non-clinical programs, and assist veterans to access housing and employment supports

Giving starts with us

“I didn’t hesitate to sign up to the staff Workplace Giving program to support our Wattle League Foundation.  I’m honoured to have a chance to give back to our ADF veterans and I am proud of Open Minds for their work in this space.  Our legacy and history lives on in our Foundation and our work for ex-service men and women.

With so many ADF personnel experiencing mental ill heath as a consequence of their service for our country, the establishment of Wattle House is very timely indeed, and sorely needed.

Donating through the Workplace Giving program means I know 100% of my donation goes directly towards the establishment of Wattle House.  Giving pre-tax via this method also maximises my donation – another win.”

John Gimpel
General Manager Business Development, Open Minds staff member


Our living history - The Wattle League Foundation

For over 100 years, Open Minds has provided community based support services to Queenslanders living with a mental ill health, disability and acquired brain injury.

Following the First World War, the Queensland Wattle Day League fundraised to support returned servicemen and their families with artificial limbs.  With the support of the community at that time, the League fully funded an Orthopaedic ward at Rosemount Hospital. With more research and greater understanding of mental illness, we now know that the effects of war can run far deeper than physical injuries.

It has become increasingly apparent that Australian Defence Force personnel who have seen active service are presenting with a range of mental health issues upon their return to civilian life and our nation needs to do more to support them.

This is the impetus for our philanthropic activity – the establishment of the Wattle League Foundation, and its first project, Wattle House.  Wattle League Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Open Minds, a leading provider of mental health, disability and employment supports in the community. 100% of your Workplace Giving donation will be directed towards the Wattle League Foundation and the establishment of Wattle House. 

Got a question?

Check out our FAQs, or contact the Open Minds Marketing Team at any time

  • How do I start?

    By completing the form or logging onto Aurion and selecting pre-tax giving through you profile.

  • How does workplace giving help?

    Financial assistance is vital to the ongoing work of our Foundation. A workplace giving program makes it possible for our Foundation to receive regular, stable and on-going funding at much lower administrative costs – a preferable alternative to expensive fundraising activities. This means greater outcomes can be achieved, thanks to our wonderful staff givers.

  • How much should I donate each pay period?

    The amount is up to you. It can be as little as $5 per pay period or as much as you want.

  • What are the benefits?

    You spread your donations over the year rather than making a larger one-off donation. Giving pre-tax means you receive the benefit of a tax deduction up front at each pay period.

  • What happens at tax time?

    In a pre-tax workplace giving system you will have already received the tax benefit throughout the year for your donation. The amount you have donated will be reported on your payment summary under “Workplace Giving”. It’s an easy way to give!

  • What is workplace giving?

    Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for you to regularly donate through automated fortnightly payroll deductions to the Wattle League Foundation.

  • What's in it for you?

    By contributing to a workplace giving pre-tax program, you receive the benefit of an immediate tax deduction from your fortnightly wage.  Ultimately this means that less money is spent on fundraising and more can be directed to  the actual cause – the establishment of Wattle House to support Australian service men and women.

  • Why does Open Minds offer pre-tax giving?

    Donations made “pre-tax” is deducted from your gross pay each pay period and your tax will be automatically adjusted in accordance with the ATO PAYG Withholding Tax Tables. You will receive the tax deduction immediately, rather than claiming your tax deduction at the end of financial year when completing your annual tax return.


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