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Daily Living Support

When you are going through a difficult time, it’s sometimes the small things in life that can make everything seem hard. Daily Living Support assists you to do all the tasks and chores you may encounter in everyday life. We work along side you to develop skills that will enable you to maintain your independence and take control of your choices.

Daily Living Support assists you to do all of the tasks that help you to maintain your independence, allowing you to better navigate your choices.

Daily Living Supports includes:

  • Assistance with shopping
  • Accessing public trust and other services
  • Accessing Centrelink
  • Assistance with cooking and meal preparation
  • Support with cleaning
  • Personal Care
  • Transport Services


  • Creating a home you are proud of
  • Maintaining your independence
  • Ensuring you receive the correct Centrelink entitlements
  • Building financial independence
  • Travelling safely and independently
  • Taking control of your choices


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Daily Living Support’

Holiday and Leisure

Holiday and Leisure will give you the freedom and choice to plan your holidays and experiences and give you the support to set off on your next big adventure. Having a holiday or experiencing leisure activities is a great way to alleviate stress and enhance your mental wellness.

Holiday and Leisure supports enables you the freedom and choice to plan a holiday and enjoy all of the experiences you want in life with the added support from the team at Open Minds.


  • Finding your ideal holiday destinations that caters for your needs
  • Budgeting for holidays and leisure activities
  • Connecting with other people who like to travel or share similar leisure interests
  • Exploring other communities
  • Meeting others who have similar leisure interests
  • Creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Holiday and Leisure’

Managing My Money

Managing My Money gives you the tools and skills to make sure you have the money to meet your needs while enjoying the little things in life. You can open, access and use a bank account, talk to the bank and access your funds effectively as an important step towards your financial independence.

Keeping up with your bills and living costs can be quite a challenge. Our confidential services share budgeting tools and banking skills so you can manage your money and savings independently.

Having a budget means you can plan ahead to do the things you enjoy. Perhaps there is a special event you would like to go to? We can help you to learn how to save money each week to pay your own way.


  • Managing your money and savings to feel in control of your finances
  • Financial freedom
  • Having the money to enjoy the little things in life
  • Planning for bills and leisure activities so you can relieve stress and enjoy the little things in life


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Managing my Money’

My Personal Lifestyle

My Personal Lifestyle supports you in daily living activities, providing options for personal skill development and living assistance.

We can take the worry out of personal daily tasks like grooming and bathing. Where appropriate, we can assist you to develop the skills to undertake tasks yourself. If you need us to perform a task for you, we will do it sensitively and efficiently. Our staff are fully trained and experienced in providing daily living support.

Open Minds can also arrange Occupational Therapy assessments for equipment and modifications you may require, such as hoists and rails, and we can also recommend other health supports that may be of benefit.

My Personal Lifestyle options include:

  • Personal care assistance
  • Hygiene and personal grooming support
  • PEG feeding
  • Continence assessment and care
  • Mobility aid and support
  • Assessment for equipment, modifications and aids, including hoists and chairs
  • Allied Health Referral Assessment (we can recommend other avenues of health support)


  • Upholding physical health and wellbeing to maintain dignity and respect
  • Access personal lifestyle options
  • Gain as much independence in daily living as possible
  • Access the equipment you need to live more independently


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘My Personal Lifestyle’

Social Skills Development

We all have events and situations that can be challenging and stressful for us. Our social skills are the channel in which we can communicate our thoughts and feelings with others. Identifying well with others has many benefits including:

  • opportunities to develop new relationships,
  • finding employment,
  • making friends,
  • building confidence
  • reducing stress
  • feeling confident in social situations
  • working on personal development tailored to your needs
  • exploring personal and intimate relationships

We all experience times in our lives where social situations are challenging for us. Social skills Development instills confidence and personal development will introduce you to strategies and tools to make the best out of every situation.


  • Establishing or improving conflict resolution skills
  • Increasing your overall sense of happiness
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Increasing your opportunities to develop friendships and relationships
  • Increasing your work opportunities
  • Developing new skills to manage difficult situations


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Social Skills and Development’

My Job

Finding a job when you have a disability, a mental health issue or an acquired brain injury is not always easy.

Open Minds Employment Service helps jobseekers and potential employers to find and create rewarding and sustainable employment opportunities for people with a disability, a mental health issue or an acquired brain injury.

Finding and maintaining a job is important for independence, self-confidence, and feeling part of the community.

My Job is a service that supports you to find rewarding work across a wide range of industries. 

If you have a disability, a mental health issue or an acquired brain injury, and want to work, we can help you find employment. We take into consideration everything, from your employment interests and skills, access to transport, hours of work required and the type of environment that would best suit you to ensure that you are able to sustain employment.

We will walk alongside you every step of the way – this can include identifying suitable career or volunteering options; addressing barriers that make it difficult to obtain and keep work; accessing training to gain skills; talking to employers to find job opportunities; and accessing workplace modifications if required. If you want to open up new employment options by continuing your education, we can support you to choose courses from education providers.


  • Building your confidence and independence
  • Earning financial freedom
  • Gaining pre-employment skills
  • Learning how to find a job and interview skills
  • Preparation of a resume and job applications
  • Guidance and assistance to look your best for interviews
  • Finding a sustainable work that best suits you
  • Getting tailored vocational training to meet employer needs
  • Help to ease into your new role
  • Ongoing job support
  • New job opportunities through education and training

For more information on Employment Services at Open Minds, visit the webpage

Behavioural Support and Planning

We know that sometimes people express challenging behaviours in their own homes or in supported residential services. This can be difficult for the person, their family, other residents and/or neighbours.

Reducing behaviours of concern increases quality of life for everyone. To support this, Open Minds works with individuals, families and carers to implement behaviour management strategies and supports through Behavioural Support and Planning:

  • Positive Behaviour Support Planning
  • Understanding Restrictive Practices
  • Functional behavioural analysis
  • Individualised tailored support strategies
  • Monitoring and reviewing progress

Open Minds have qualified and experienced staff that can work with you to ensure your support needs are understood by those that provide support services to you and to create a plan that will improve your life.


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Behavioural Support and Planning’.


Connectedness, Hope, Identity, Meaningfulness and Empowerment (Chime)– based on these principles,  Chime supports you along your personal and unique path to recovery. Chime services are provided by Open Minds, United Synergies and Suncare & Care Connect on the Sunshine Coast.

Chime allows you to build the skills you need to better navigate your way around the community, giving you the support to increase your independence and connectedness.

If you live with a mental illness and are involved with Specialised Mental Health Services, you and your family can access one-on-one support through our direct support services. Chime provides you with the tools to meet new people, build independence, and the confidence to determine your future and manage your lifestyle and wellbeing.

For more information on Chime at Open Minds, visit the webpage



Young people 12 to 25 years who are having a tough time. We can help you with mental health counselling, general health, drug and alcohol issues, vocational services.


Offices in Taringa and Redcliffe.


You will see a headspace intake worker who will sit down with you and try to get a snapshot of what’s going on in your life and how best we can help you. A Private Practitioner will be provided to support you through individual sessions i.e. General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, counsellors (psychologists, social workers, occupational therapist) Alcohol and drug workers, vocational workers, PHaMs workers and Centrelink.


Referrals can be via: yourself, your GP, your social worker, your carer or family

For more information email: or

Healthy Living

Healthy Living supports you to choose healthy options so you can feel physically healthy and supported in your everyday life. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, education about nutrition, exercise and how our bodies work is essential. There are a number of different ways that we can support you to live a healthy life style, including:

  • shopping for healthy food options
  • life coaching
  • healthy cooking and meal planning
  • exercise programs to get you feeling your best
  • Finding the right GP or health specialist


  • Gain knowledge and understanding to better look after your health; healthy living & nutrition
  • Invaluable health benefits
  • Sexual health and intimacy information and what it means to you
  • Answer any questions you might have about your nutrition, managing your weight and exercise plans
  • Learn transferable health and life skills


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Healthy Li ving’.

Medication Support

Staying healthy may include regular medication. Open Minds' Medication Support can provide some tools to enable you to manage your medication independently. Self-managing your medication can include medication assistance and support, helping you get to know your local pharmacist, picking up medication from your local chemist, information on bulk billing, understanding and navigating health benefits and your health care card.


  • Independence
  • Gain knowledge and understanding about your medication
  • Answer any questions you might have about your medication or health benefits
  • Maintain your health


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Medication Support’.

Therapy and Support

Open Minds can provide you with the support you need to maintain your best health. We can assist you with travel to and from therapy and medical appointments and support you with your in-home rehabilitation and therapy.

Whether you have appointments in the hospital or community or exercise you need to do at home, Therapy and Support will assist you to make your appointments and complete your exercises and tasks to ensure your best health.

Therapy and Support can provide you with all your requirements for:

  • Comprehensive behavioural assessment, planning and supports
  • Support to undertake your in-home rehabilitation program
  • Assistance and support with your medication
  • Assistance to attend your medical and other health appointments
  • Assistance to purchase and install the necessary in-home aids to support your rehabilitation
  • Coordination between your health providers
  • Support for healthy living options including exercise, healthy eating, meals on a budget and stopping smoking


  • Assistance with travel to and from therapy and medical appointments
  • Allied health supports; speech therapy, physiotherapy, dietitian, art, play and music therapists
  • Behavior supports
  • In home therapy support
  • Mobility aids, equipment, modifications and supports
  • Improved health and wellbeing


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Therapy and Support.

Wellness and Recovery

Wellness and Recovery empowers you to live a life of choice and independence. We will travel alongside you as you live your best life.


  • Wellness Planning
  • Strategies for managing crisis situations
  • Understanding your mental health including your personal triggers
  • Self management skills


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Wellness and Recovery’.

My House - My Home

Open Minds Living Support Steam supports individuals with a variety of needs to access stable accommodation. Our housing model is flexible, recovery-oriented and built on ensuring choice and control for the individual.

We see it as more than just a roof over your head. We provide support to fulfil personal goals and participation in community life. This includes social and recreational activities, employment, educational, training and personal development opportunities.

My House - My Home

Enjoy your surroundings and love where you live. My House - My Home assists you to access supported accommodation and ways to independently manage your own home.

Moving house or changes to your living arrangements can be one of the most stressful times in life. My House - My Home assists you to make choices about your home and reduces the stress associated with changing living arrangements.

Supported accommodation options allow you to manage your own house and enjoy your home; whilst feeling assured that support is available when you need it.

Open Minds will work closely with you to identify what type of accommodation you want and need, while working within your budget. We can assist with everything from the details of your tenancy to getting your lawns mowed!


  • Finding the right home for you
  • Creating safety and security
  • Getting support where you live now
  • Adapting your home to suit you
  • Learning to work within a budget
  • Improving your housekeeping skills
  • Staying close to your friends and families
  • Getting on with your neighbours


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘My House – My Home’

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Open Minds is committed to working towards closing the employment, economic, health and wellbeing gaps between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians, ensuring First Australian peoples receive high-quality mental health, disability, social and emotional wellbeing services delivered in a culturally appropriate manner.

We are proud to announce our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has been approved by Reconciliation Australian in May 2016.  

Click here to read our RAP Plan.


  • Our programs assist people in achieving optimal conditions for mental health, disability and wellbeing which requires a holistic and whole-of-life view of health that encompasses the social, emotional and cultural wellbeing of the whole community
  • We can support you in developing and maintaining your independence, allowing you to take control of your choices
  • Seeking employment is important for independence, self-confidence, and felling part of the community
  • We work alongside you, to ensure your best health
  • We can assist you to build your social networks, grow your creative spirit and play an active part in your community


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’.

CALD Support

Feel connected to the community, meet and share your experience with others who are Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD)

We can assist you to:

  • Connect with local multicultural advisory services
  • Participate fully and independently within the community
  • Reduce language barriers and assist communication with others
  • Support you to understand your rights


  • Feel part of your community
  • Reduce isolation
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Create independence


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘CALD Support’.

Community Connection

You+ and Community Connection are the Open Minds programs where you can build your social networks, grow your creative spirit and play an active part in your local community.  Community Connection assists you to participate in groups and programs that feed your passion; whether it is music, theatre, art, cooking, exercise or hands-on hobbies such as fishing, carpentry, relaxation, meditation and yoga.

Our YOU+ Program, peer-led workshops and Community Connection can assist you:

  • Connect with groups and activities in your local area
  • Participate in music, theatre, art and cooking classes
  • Join a gym or local exercise group
  • Participate in working groups
  • Connect with a local Men's Shed
  • Attend mindfulness, yoga and meditation groups
  • Access the Open Minds You+ Programs
  • Access peer-led information and skills workshops that occur in your local area


  • Connect with groups and activities in your local area
  • Build your social networks and meet new people
  • Grow your creative spirit
  • Feed your passion
  • Learn new skills
  • Enhance your health and wellbeing
  • Give back through volunteering in future activities or events


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Community Connection’

Friends and Groups

We understand that friendships and participation in the community are so important for a good life.

Friends and Groups can support you to build skills around making and maintaining friendships; these skills will assist you to access groups and community events and strengthen your natural supports.

Open Minds have groups within your community that you may like to join to build your strengths around social skills and social interaction. This may provide you with opportunities to develop skills in the following areas:

Daily Living Supports includes:

  • Being comfortable in social situations
  • Connecting with others
  • Friendships and relationships
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Physical fitness
  • Cooking
  • Budgeting
  • Travel training
  • Managing stress
  • Confidence and assertiveness
  • Pet care and pet support choices
  • Helping you realise the things that support a good life for you


  • Knowing what is on in your community
  • Having fun and relaxing
  • Feeling a sense of belonging in your community
  • Having social activities planned in advance
  • Contributing your strengths and skills to the community
  • Creating your own community network
  • Gaining independence

How It All Works

Navigating all of the government and non-government supports can sometimes be overwhelming. We are here to help you find and access the right services for you.

How It All Works supports you to find out your entitlements and how to best access:

  • Government supports including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS)
  • Centrelink
  • Department of Housing
  • Public Trust
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)
  • Mental Health Services
  • Disability Employment Services
  • Child Safety
  • Non Government Organisations


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘How it All Works’.

LGBTIQ Support

Every person has the same human rights irrespective of sexuality, gender identity or intersexuality. LGBTIQ Support will understand and support your needs and treat you with respect as a unique individual.

How we support LGBTIQ:

  • Accessing other LGBTIQ programs in your local community
  • Supported accommodation
  • Connecting to other groups and networks
  • Linking and supporting you through Identity counselling
  • Support to live well in the community of your choice
  • Linking and supporting you to access community and sexual health services
  • Participate in our LGBTIQ Advisory Group


  • Feeling acceptance and belonging
  • Meeting new friends
  • Improving your health and wellbeing


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘LGBTIQ Support’.

Transport Service

Our Transport Service enables you to have the freedom to get out and about in your community. Travelling independently on the bus, train, Citycat, ferry or in your car is a great way to visit friends and family, travel to your job, do some shopping and access health and education services.

Our Transport Service includes:

  • Transport navigation support
  • Travel concession cards including Companion Cards
  • Assisting you to organise repairs to your car
  • Private transport service (fee for service)
  • Working towards getting your driver’s license
  • Assisting you to organise vehicle modifications


  • Orientation to and in your area and transport options
  • Learning to travel independently, on your own or with friends
  • Coordinating driving lessons
  • Independence to go where and when you need to
  • Vehicles that suit your needs


Contact Open Minds, call 1300 673 664 or email us at with a subject line ‘Transport Services’.


You+ is based on creating a natural bridge into the broader community through engagement in a suite of locally delivered programs and events. With You+ you can build your social networks, grow your creative spirit and play an active part in your community.

Some of the events and supports that the You+ Programs provides include:

For more information on You+, and to register for You+ events, visit the webpage You+


  • NDIS readiness and planning workshops
  • Wellness, nutrition and cooking classes
  • Physical fitness, exercise and wellbeing groups
  • Information sharing
  • Connection with local interest groups and activities in your community
  • Participate in music, theatre, art and cooking classes
  • Community BBQs in your local area
  • Special events during the year decided on by our current clients